About us

Membership management

A set of tools that enables you to effortlessly manage your association, society or club, by gathering all data in one place and automating tasks.

In the cloud

The organizations and members can access their information at any time wherever they are. There's no need for installation and is always up-to-date.

Your favourite device

The responsive design makes it mobile friendly so it can adjust itself to almost any device of your choice: desktop, tablet or smartphone.

What are the benefits

Managing an organization it's not an easy task. It's time consuming to keep track of all members and their memberships dues when you're using less structured processes. Opposite from using different tools and paper MembersFlux has almost everything you need in just one place and can be accessed anywhere.

Using spreadsheets and paper makes it easy to make mistakes and almost impossible to know which subscriptions are paid or due, which members are active or dormant, who attend last event or who registered for the next.

Doing everything manually is time consuming, keeps you away from what's important and costs you money.

MembersFlux is developed to provide you modern management tools and to automate several tasks that otherwise you would have to do manually.

How it works

1. Quickly setup your memberships and your members database. Members can register by themselves and update their information online.

2. Membership subscriptions are processed without any intervention and reminders are sent automatically.

3. Organize events and invite everyone, collect applications and track who's attending.

4. Keep track of your organization Expenses and Income.

Privacy and Security

Because privacy matters, MembersFlux fully embraces the "privacy by design" according to the new GDPR rules. Meaning it's engineered from the ground up with the privacy in mind and to guarantee the rights of individuals. We won't sell information to third party companies.

All the information is processed and stored in servers hosted in secure datacentres, using recent software and receiving regular updates. The software itself is built using trusted technologies and we keep up with recent security best practices.

Why choose us

We have experience developing software for clubs, software for non-profits and charities.

Our development team is highly experienced and some have long programming careers working for agencies, software houses and start-ups.

Beta program

Apply as a beta tester and you'll get early access to the platform and subscription discounts for your organization. The early adopters will get the first year for free!